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WWE star back on the road with the company after being off TV for almost a year



For what it's worth, Luke Harper is back on the road with WWE. This would be the first time in months that he's been on the road since he publicly noted on Twitter that he requested his release from the company.

The company denied his release, likely because they fear that he would jump to All Elite Wrestling.

Harper hasn't appeared on WWE television since August 2018 when then-tag team partner Rowan went down with an injury. Harper then opted to get his surgery on his wrist since it was bothering him and he figured that he wouldn't be used on TV until his partner returned from injury.

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There's no word on what WWE has planned for Haper but Bray Wyatt has said on Twitter that he would have loved to have him as a guest on the Firefly Fun House. That doesn't seem likely since it looks like those segments have come to an end. Last September, there was talk of reuniting the Wyatt family.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what the plans are for Bray Wyatt but it looks like Harper might be back on WWE TV soon.