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Another member of WWE's main roster has been moved to NXT 2.0.

At tonight's live event in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Commander Azeez walked out with Cora Jade and apparently he will be working as her bodyguard. Azeez and Jade lost a tag team match to Sanga and Ivy Nyle.

The house shows are meant to help the talent get in some reps and there's always the possibility that Azeez's new role will be tweaked before he shows up on TV but it looks like for now, he will be working alongside Cora Jade.

Azeez previously was working alongside Apollo Crews on SmackDown but their days together ended with Crews showing up on NXT 2.0 TV several weeks ago as a babyface without the Nigerian accent. Click below to see Azeez with his new look.

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