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WWE star reacts to Brian Kendrick controversy



The Brian Kendrick controversy became a big story in the latter part of the day after Tony Khan pulled him from Dynamite.

Kendrick issued an apology but one WWE star is seemingly having fun at Kendrick's expense.

NXT star Harland (Parker Boudreaux) posted a clip on Twitter of himself tossing Kendrick down a flight of stairs. The clip is from an episode of NXT 2.0 that aired in December. This would be Kendrick's last appearance on WWE television.

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Kendrick's wrestling future is now in question. After being granted his release, it looked like he might have had a spot with AEW but Tony Khan has stated that he would review the situation and the backlash may force Khan to cut ties with him. For those of you that missed it, click here to read what Kendrick said that got him into hot water.

Here is Harland's tweet: