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WWE star turns heel at the end of 205 Live



Tuesday night felt like a bigger than usual night for WWE with The New Day winning the Smackdown Tag Team titles, Kevin Owens headbutting and bloodying Vince McMahon, and Kairi Sane winning the Mae Young Classic.

It didn't end there because there was a shocking heel turn at the end of 205 Live. Cedric Alexander took on The Brian Kendrick in the main event but the match was interrupted by Jack Gallagher's music. It looked like Gallagher was going to attack Kendrick but he turned his attention to Alexander and hailed him with several shots to the back with his umbrella.

Gallagher and Kendrick shook hands as the show ended. This was a good time to do something shocking on that show because there were likely more people watching this week since many fans probably stayed tuned into the WWE Network after the Mae Young Classic finale.

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