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WWE storyline dropped, The Miz asks Dominik Mysterio if he is actually Eddie Guerrero's son



The Miz welcomed Rey and Dominik Mysterio as his guest on Miz TV this week. They recapped the events of last week where Miz defeated Dominik after causing a distraction.

Things got personal during the segment when The Miz mentioned that Dominik is a lot taller than his father. Miz said that he wondered if Dominik was actually Eddie Guerrero's son, a callback to the "I'm Your Papi" storyline from 2005 that led to a ladder match between Rey and Eddie at SummerSlam.

This was the second time during the segment that Eddie was referenced. Miz also wondered why people like Eddie Guerrero were allowed to use underhanded tactics while Miz gets booed for doing the same.

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The segment led into an impromptu rematch between Miz and Dominik and this week, Dominik got the win thanks to an assist from his father. At this point, it seems as if the Dominik and Rey break-up teases have been put on hold. Last year, it looked like they were heading to a father vs. son feud but there have been no hints of that in recent weeks.