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WWE SummerSlam results: live coverage



WWE SummerSlam
August 23, 2020
WWE ThunderDome (Amway Center)
Orlando, Florida

We are live with ongoing WWE SummerSlam coverage. As usual, we will update this page with results several times throughout the night so please refresh this page for updated results. Click here if you are not seeing results whenever you refresh this page.

Kickoff Show

WWE United States Championship - Lashley and Benjamin banned from ringside
Apollo Crews vs. MVP

It was announced a few hours ago that this match was being moved from the main card to the Kickoff show. MVP got new theme music.

This was a standard back-and-forth match. The finish was Crews retaining the United States Title after countering out of the Playmaker attempt into a toss powerbomb. It was a clean victory for Crews.

After the match, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley ran out but Crews was able to escape before they attacked.

At the end of the show, Charly Caruso thanked Renee Young for what she has done in WWE. Renee is done with the company after tonight.

Main Card

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Sasha Banks vs. Asuka

Asuka started out by hitting Bayley with shots to the shoulder and then a dropkick, followed by kicks to the body. Asuka remained on offense as they fought at ringside and Asuka hit a diving DDT from the steps but Bayley was finally able to turn things around.

Bayley hit a Bayley to belly suplex about 10 minutes into the match but Asuka was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Asuka turned things around with a running hip attack, knee to the face, suplex and another hip attack but Bayley kicked out of the pin attempt. Bayley took over on offense when she drove Asuka's knees into the ring apron. Bayley then hit a chop block and then she applied a submission leg lock but Asuka broke out of it. Bayley charged at Asuka but Asuka caught her with a codebreaker (double knees) before trying for a pin. Asuka went for a dropkick but Bayley moved and locked in a kneebar submission but Asuka made it to the bottom rope. Bayley did a sunset flip to drive the back of Asuka's head into the turnbuckle. Bayley went for the diving elbow but Asuka caught her and turned into the armbar but the move was broken because of the distraction from Sasha Banks. Bayley almost rolled up Asuka because of the distraction from Banks. Asuka charged at Bayley but Bayley moved and Asuka crashed into Banks. This allowed Bayley to roll up Asuka to win the match. Banks and Bayley attacked Asuka after the match.

A Hyundai/WWE partnership video aired with Roman Reigns featured.

Dominik Mysterio was shown backstage with his mom and dad. He asked mom to give him a second with Rey. Dominik asked Rey to let him handle Seth Rollins on his own. Rey promised not to get involved.

They showed a video package highlighting what Retribution has been doing over the last few weeks. Kevin Owens walked out to the ring to do some commentary for the next match.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

Ford and Andrade started the match. The announcers basically acted like it was proven as fact that Zelina Vega poisoned Ford a couple of weeks ago. Andrade and Garza took turns beating on Ford for several minutes and Owens pointed out how Angelo Dawkins had yet to tag in.

Dawkins finally tagged in after about 5 minutes into the match and he cleaned house for a minute but Andrade hit a nasty back elbow but Dawkins was able to hit a spear. Ford tagged in and hit a cross body off the top but the momentum caused Garza to roll over on top of him. Garza tried for the pin but the ref saw the foot on the rope. Ford took a kick to the face and was knocked into Vega, who was on the ring apron. Vega hit the floor and was taken out of the match. Ford hit a frog splash and then pinned Garza.

Kevin Owens invited Aleister Black to the Kevin Owens show tomorrow on Raw.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage.

They aired a commercial for the new ice cream bars and WWE Payback, airing next Sunday on the WWE Network.

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No Disqualification - Loser Leaves WWE Match
Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

The match started with Sonya shoving Mandy. Sonya got the first pin attempt. They fought at ringside and Mandy shoved Sonya into the barricade and into the steel steps and by the steel ramp by the entranceway. Mandy did a flying clothesline off the announcer's desk to Sonya at ringside.

Mandy set up a table at ringside but that gave Sonya time to recover. Sonya ran at Mandy with a chair to the stomach. Mandy was briefly able to get some offense when they got back in the ring but Sonya locked in a choke submission but Mandy broke out of it but Sonya locked in a triangle submission. Mandy got out of it and then began to fight back with a running knee and pin attempt. They moved back to ringsid where Mandy rammed Sonya's head into the announcer's table. Mandy tried to do a dive through Sonya, who was positioned on a table but Sonya moved out of the way. Mandy tossed chairs at Sonya but Sonya moved out of the way and Sonya hit a running kick to the stomach.

Back in the ring, Sonya hit a kick to the nose and then an underhook slam attempt but Mandy countered with a running knee and followed up with two more knees and the facebuster. Mandy hit another running knee and the pin. Sonya is leaving WWE.

Otis ran out to the ring to celebrate with Mandy.

Street Fight
Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Seth toyed around with Dominik in the first couple of minutes until Dominik was able to hit some punches and some arm drags. Dominik seemed to be having an issue with the hoodie attacked to his ring gear. After a brief flurry, Seth took over on offense again. Every time Dominik would get a small flurry of offense, Seth would cut him off. They showed Dominik's mom watching backstage with a concerned look on her face.

Seth brought a chair into the ring and Rey was about to help his son but Dominik told him to stay out of the ring. Seth went for a stomp but Dominik move and drove Seth's head into the chair in the ring. Seth was about to hit a buckle bomb but Dominik turned into a hurricanrana. Dominik also hit a DDT and almost pinned Seth. Dominik grabbed the kendo stick to use several times over the back and stomach of Seth. Dominik went up for a move off the top but Seth cut him off. Seth attempted a suplex off the top but Dominik blocked it and shoved Seth off the top but Seth ran up and caught him in a super plex and then a Falcon Arrow but Dominik kicked out of the pin attempt. Seth grabbed kendo sticks from Murphy to use on Dominik's back and ribs as Rey looked on at ringside. Seth yelled at Rey to save his son. Rey was about to get in to help but Dominik yelled at him to stay out of the ring.

Seth hit Dominik several times with the stick and then he tried to slam Dominik through a table that was set up in the ring but Dominik fought back and he and Seth both crashed through the table. Dominik hit a Frog Splash but Seth kicked out. Tom Phillips noted that the splash was a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Dominik ran in as he saw Seth going for a chair but Seth caught him with a super kick and powerbomb. Seth then ripped off the top of Dominik's gear so he could beat him again with the kendo stick. Dominik told his dad again to stay out of the ring as he took several more body shots from the stick. Dominik's mom Angie walked out to the stage area as Rey pleaded with her to go backstage. Dominik surprised Seth with a roll up but Murphy interfered with a knee to the face. Rollins then was about to stomp Dominik on the steps but Rey ran down to save his son but Seth and Murphy were able to take out Rey at ringside. Seth and Murphy handcuffed Rey to the rope and then Seth and Murphy were about to hit Rey with the stick but Seth turned away and started walking to Dominik's mom but Dominik ran and attacked Seth and then brought him into the ring. Dominik hit the 619 and Frog Splash but Seth got the knees up. Seth hit the curb stomped as handcuffed Rey looked on in horror. Seth pinned Dominik to win the match.

WWE SmackDown Women's Championship
Bayley vs. Asuka

Banks worked on Asuka's leg to start the match. Asuka fought back but things turned around again when Asuka missed a kick and ended up hitting the ring post. Banks followed up with a sunset flip onto the floor from the apron.

Back in the ring, Asuka took a nasty kick to the face but she was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Asuka turned things around with a face slam and ankle lock and a DDT from the top turnbuckle. Asuka also hit a missile dropkick off the top but Banks kicked out of the pin attempt. Moments later, Asuka locked in the Asuka Lock but Banks continued to fight and she rolled into a cover and then the Banks Statement but Asuka rolled out and back into the Asuka Lock. Banks broke out of it but Asuka hit a kick to the stomach. Asuka charged but Banks moved and Asuka hit Bayley and knocked her off the ring. Sasha went for Banks Statement but Asuka got the Asuka Lock to win the title.

Tom Phillips noted that Bayley didn't sacrifice herself like Banks did earlier in the first match.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

Orton started out by playing games and sliding out of the match to frustrate McIntyre. Orton almost hit an RKO in the first couple of minutes of the match as McIntyre slid out of the ring with a frustrated look on his face. The fight continued at ringside with Orton ramming McIntyre into the announcer's table and ring post and then slamming him onto the announcer's table twice. Orton then hit a suplex off the announcer's table and to the floor. Orton continued to work on McIntyre's left knee throughout this match.

McIntyre fought back and locked in the figure four, as a tribute to Ric Flair. Orton broke out of it by using a thumb to the eye as he pulled the referee into him for the distraction. Orton's knee was also bothering him. Both men slugged it out with punches and upper cuts and Orton went for the RKO but McIntyre shoved him off and then delivered overhead belly to belly suplexes. McIntyre tried a super plex off the top but Orton countered with punches to the face and McIntyre ended up being hung upside down on the top rope but McIntyre sat up and pulled Orton off the top and into the ring for a near fall.

McIntyre hit the Future Shock DDT but Orton kicked out and the camera showed blood coming out of Orton's forehead. McIntyre was going for the Claymore but Orton caught him in a powerslam for a near fall. McIntyre hit the Glasgow Kiss and a clothesline over the top rope and both men crashed to the floor. As they got in the ring, Orton hit the draping DDT and then a running punt kick attempt but McIntyre moved and then hit a powerbomb. McIntyre went for the Claymore but Orton moved but McIntyre got a backslide and the pin to retain the title.

A video aired to announce that Keith Lee will debut on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night. That explains why he lost the NXT Championship at TakeOver: XXX.

WWE Universal Championship - Falls Count Anywhere
Braun Strowman vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

As they got out to ringside, Wyatt hit Strowman with a toolbox to the gut and back but Strowman turned things around by plowing through Wyatt through the barricade. Yes, a spot they have done 1,000 times on WWE TV. Wyatt no-sold and got back up but Strowman chokeslammed Wyatt on the announcer's table. He landed on the corner of the table so it had to hurt really bad. Wyatt got up again and rammed Strowman into the steps but Strowman picked up the steps and rammed them in Wyatt's face. Strowman got the running power slam but Wyatt kicked out of the pin attempt.

Both men fought up the ramp and Strowman rammed Wyatt into the screen by the stage. They fought to the backstage area. Cole described the Gorilla Position as the "control area." Wyatt hit Sister Abigail in the Gorilla Position but Strowman kicked out. The fight continued back onto the stage as Strowman was driven into the screen.

Wyatt applied the Mandible Claw at ringside but Strowman drove Wyatt into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Strowman hit the second running powerslam of the match and Wyatt kicked out of the pin attempt. Strowman brought a box cutter into the ring and he used it to cut the ring mat to expose the wood underneath it but Wyatt caught him in a Uranage slam and Sister Abigail. Wyatt then hit another Sister Abigail and that was enough for the win. Wyatt is the new champion.

Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere to attack Bray. Roman then speared Braun at ringside. Roman hit Braun with the chair several times and then he speared Bray in the ring. The show closed with Roman holding up the Universal Title.