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WWE talent no longer allowed to mention third parties on their social media accounts



WWE is now cracking down on wrestlers mentioning third party companies on their social media accounts.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that talent is no longer allowed to post anything that names a third-party business, person, brand, or charity.

WWE's edict states that talent will be given a warning and then a fine and then a suspension for the third violation. Basically, WWE is claiming ownership of talent Twitter and Instagram accounts via a clause in their contracts that allows them exclusive rights over their likeness.

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This edict is in addition to the edict issued last September that prevents talent from using platforms like Cameo and Twitch. Obviously, this will not go over well with the majority of the roster. Several wrestlers use their WWE characters as their Twitter and Instagram names but some, like Sasha Banks, use a combination of their real name and WWE name for their social media accounts.

Wrestlers are considered independent contractors and many would argue that since they are just playing a role on TV, WWE should have no right to control what they do on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It will be interesting to see if any of the talent reacts to this new edict.

As seen below, Sami Zayn may be affected by this edict since he regularly raises money on Twitter for the Sami For Syria charity. Last month, he sold "El Generico" merchandise on Pro Wrestling Tees. WWE has no ownership of the "El Generico" character but the new edict would prevent him from promoting the charity or Pro Wrestling Tees.