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WWE teases a romance storyline on Monday Night Raw



This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Dana Brooke escaped attempts to have the 24/7 Title taken away from her.

As R-Truth, Tozawa and Tamina searched the backstage area, Brooke and Reggie had a talk and Dana thanked him for helping her all these weeks. Reggie seemed to wonder if there was more to their relationship but it ended with Brooke putting him in the friend zone with a kiss on the cheek. There was an award moment when their faces got a little too close after they hugged each other.

For now, it looks like they are just friends but was told that the Reggie and Dana story will play out for a while so it's possible that they can end up romantically involved at some point.

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Another thing worth noting is that at one point, the idea was for Reggie to pin Brooke and win the 24/7 Title. It's unclear if that is still the plan because plans change all the time in WWE.