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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns appeared on Logan Paul's "Impaulsive" podcast this week. Reigns told Logan Paul that he was a great contribution to WrestleMania 37:

"I think that's the beauty of what you bring is that you bring in new fans, That's what we appreciate. That's what we're looking for. I literally did an interview as we're walking up and he's asking me if there's backlash towards that. I think maybe for some people, but once you reach a certain point in your career, and you understand the big picture, you're just trying to get as many eyeballs, as many asses in seats, as much traction, as many comments and as much chatter as you can about your product and your company and the platform that you're representing. Having somebody like you bring that attention, and then having somebody like me, loving it, like, bring them in. I want them because that's extra people that I can add to my following, and that's how we work together."

Reigns said he has more control on what he says in his interviews as opposed to when he first came to the main roster:

"I've had some crappy promos. You get in early, you don't have any equity. If I don't want to say something right now, I ain't saying it. But 10 years ago, if Vince is like, 'You're saying this', and it's highlighted, then you're gonna say it, and I said some crazy stuff, which still follows me like the suffering succotash."

On why Paul Heyman became his manager:

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"Brock was in between contracts, so Paul was kind of wide open and it just fit. He had that opening creatively. He was still just working behind the scenes from a creative standpoint. Then once it opened up, I mean, when you're working with someone like Brock for as long as he did with the success that they had, you need to have something that's like, legitimate, come through to make that move, and I think I was really the only one that he wanted to work with, otherwise, I think he would just stay kind of plugged in and be helping from an overall directive standpoint. But yeah, once he knew, 'Oh, I'm gonna be with Joe. It's all good. I'm gonna be with Roman. It's all good', then we knew it was on.

After the interview Logan Paul said he would like to wrestle Reigns:

"There's nobody else. on that level right now bro. There's just not. I can feel the dog coming out of me. Like when I watch him on TV and in the ring, I just want to fu**ing wrestle the guy. That's what I do. That's what I do, dog. I did it with Floyd Mayweather. My second opponent was Floyd fu**ing Mayweather. Did you see what I did at SummerSlam? When was the last time you saw something like that done? Top rope, on to the table, on my second match ever. It's what I do. I love competing at the highest level as soon as I get into the thing. You're not going to like this. You put me against Roman Reigns right now. I think I would win." Me versus Roman Reigns, one on one, that's my match.”

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