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Xavier Woods reflects on interesting bet with Vince McMahon

The New Day group, which consist of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, has been one of the most popular acts that the WWE has assembled in recent memory.

While conducting an interview on the ‘Corridor Cast,’ Woods, reflected on how he bet his career with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon where he stated that the group wasn’t always over with the fans.

In fact, he told McMahon that if he could not get the crowd to boo Kofi in four weeks, then he would give in and allow WWE find another star to replace him in that role as the third member of the group. This bet paid off and the rest is history.

“When they let us make the group, we were good guys. For the industry terms, we were baby faces, and we thought we should be bad guys, heels, and after a while, some things happened and people were chanting, ‘New Day sucks’ and it’s like, ‘Ok, yes. Cool. They’ll let us turn a corner and we can be bad guys now’, and they thought that since Kofi had been a baby-face for so long that they wouldn’t boo him, and so, to me, I was like, ‘No, we’re in control of that. I guarantee you…’ I went to Vince McMahon and I was like, ‘If you give us… if you give me a microphone four weeks in a row, I guarantee you that they’ll boo Kofi Kingston, and he was like, ‘You really believe in this that much?’ I said, ‘Yes, I believe that I can do it’, and he goes, ‘Four weeks? And if you don’t do it in four weeks then what happens?’

Woods continued by stating, “I said if I don’t do it in four weeks, you’ve got 60 dudes in developmental that deserve this spot more than I do, [and Vince is like], ‘I can send you home? Get ready’, and I said, ‘You should if I can’t do it. If I can’t make good on this then I don’t deserve to be here’, and he’s like, ‘Alright’.” Xavier recalled.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

H/T to Fightful for the transcript


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