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Zelina Vega reacts after fans say she was buried on WWE SmackDown



As noted earlier, Zelina Vega did not get entrance music and the spotlight was on Toni Storm's debut.

Storm defeated Vega in a quick match and fans on Twitter sent tweets to her saying that WWE has been burying her since she returned to the company. Vega hasn't won a match since her return earlier this month.

Vega addressed the tweets while keeping kayfabe. She said the following:

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"1. That belt distracted the hell out of me.. seriously what was that about?!

2. Guess who didn’t lose today? My bank account.


Vega returned to SmackDown on July 2nd but signed her deal several weeks prior to her husband signing with AEW. Whether or not people in WWE are mad at her remains to be seen but it was clear that the main focus was on Storm and not Vega.