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AEW All Out results: Lucha Bros defeat The Young Bucks to win AEW World Tag Team Titles

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

In a Steel Cage match, The Young Bucks faced The Lucha Brothers at AEW All Out for the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

The Lucha Bros. got a live performance for their entrance. The Young Bucks came out with Don Callis, Brandon Baxter and The Good Brothers.

The match started with a face off in the center of the ring. Both teams traded punches and The Bucks tried to run up the cage early but they were dropkicked into the side of the cage. The announcers reminded the fans watching that the match only ends with a pinfall or submission. Lucha Bros hit stereo kicks on Nick and Matt in opposrite corners.

A lot of fast paced offense to start the match, including a hurricanrana off the ropes onto Nick from Fenix. Penta also hit a drop kick off the top into Matt's mid section. The Bucks took over on offense when the Lucha Bros both crashed into the steel cage at the same time. Matt hit a powerbomb on Fenix into the steel cage and Nick hit a kick to Penta's head.

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Matt got his hands on a chain and used it to choke Fenix. Fenix countered a powerbomb into the cage and then Penta hit a flurry of offense on Matt, including a backstabber off the ropes. The Lucha Brothers hit a flurry of offense until Nick hit a cutter. Penta hit a cutter on Nick and Matt hit a stunner on him off the top. Penta came back with a double cutter. Penta went for a pin after hitting a cradle slam.

Fenix got shoved off the top and into the cage and this allowed Nick and Matt to take over the match. Nick hit an assisted senton on Pentagon into a near fall and then the Bucks hit a double super kick on Fenix. They went for a BTE trigger but Fenix moved they hit their own knees. Matt hit low blows on both Penta and Fenix to regain control of the match. Nick and Matt tried to rip the masks off. The Bucks then lawndarted Fenix into the steel cage and Cutler threw a bag over the top of the cage. Matt pulled out a shoe with tacks on the bottom of it and he put it on. Matt was about to hit Fenix in the head with but Fenix protected his brother and Penta took the kick to the face.

Nick then shoved Penta's face into the tacked shoe and then Nick hit a running knee. Penta's face was covered in blood. The Bucks hit the BTE trigger but Fenix broke up the pin attempt. Matt tried to use the shoe again but Fenix broke free and hit a series of crazy moves. Fenix then used the tacked shoe on Nick and Matt and then a blackfire driver into a close pin. Both teams delivered package piledrivers and then Penta and Matt fought in the ring as Nick and Fenix laid outside of the ring ropes. Penta hit Canadian Destroyer off the top rope onto Matt.

As they struggled to their feet, all four men traded chops and then superkick. The sequence ended with a huge crowd reaction after all four men were laid out at the same time. Fenix went to the top of the cage to hit a move but Nick Jackson caught up to him but then fell off. Fenix then hit a crossbody off the top on to Matt and Nick. a cradle piledriver and pin won the titles for the Lucha Bros.

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