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AEW All Out results: Miro vs. Eddie Kingston for the TNT Championship

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

The main card for this year's AEW All Out pay-per-view kicked off with the TNT Championship match between Miro and Eddie Kingston.

Kingston started out with chops to the chest and an exploder suplex. The action spilled to ringside and Kingston went for a crossbody but Miro countered into a powerslam on the floor. Miro followed up by ramming Kingston's back into the ring post.

Miro continued to dominate for several minutes but Kingston tried to fight back with chops and a jumping kick to the side of the head and a Saito suplex. Both men traded forearms and chops in the center of the ring and Kingston hit two consecutive Saito suplexes into a pin attempt.

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Kingston tried for the spinning back fist but Miro slid out of the ring but then Kingston hit an elbow suicida through the ropes. Kingston hit a fisherman suplex into another pin attempt but Miro kicked out. Miro came back with a German suplex and Kingston puled out the turnbuckle pad in the process. Miro hit Kingston with a kick to the face and then he locked in the Game Over submission but Kingston made it to the bottom rope.

Kingston hit the spinning backfist and DDT but the ref Bryce Remsburg was slow to get down because he was fixing the turnbuckle and Miro was able to kick out. Kingston tried to ram Miro into the exposed buckle but the ref stopped him and then Miro hit a mule kick, a kick to the face and then the pin for the win to retain the title.

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