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AEW is still planning to launch second television show

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

For months there have been rumblings of AEW adding additional programming that could air on TNT or TBS.

Currently, AEW airs Dynamite, its flagship two-hour weekly program on TNT, and AEW Dark, a one-hour show that is broadcasted on YouTube.

Just last month, AEW executive Cody Rhodes was asked about when this new programming could launch. At the time, he stated an announcement would be made within the next six weeks.

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A month later, there’s been no announcement, which has caused fans to speculate on whether the new show would be coming at all. Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that it would premiere before the end of 2020.

Meltzer stated, “Yup, soon, before the end of the year.”

If you recall, back in January when All Elite Wrestling announced that Dynamite had been extended by Turner through 2023, there were plans in the works to add a second television show. Since there has been no announcement, there was even speculation that Dynamite could be moved to a three-hour program, but Rhodes also denied that is happening.