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Tony Khan did some interviews this week and he has declined to comment on the situation that occurred last month between CM Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite. When asked if CM Punk was still with the company or if/when The Elite would return, Khan also declined to comment on that question.

We may hear from one or all sides of the situation soon because the investigation is expected to wrap up soon. There was talk about everything wrapping up a couple of weeks ago but there is reportedly a threat of legal action holding things up.

Ryan Frederick reported on the Wrestling Observer Board, "There’s been some hold-ups on completing the investigation. Supposedly, it should be wrapped up soon."

Dave Meltzer later followed up, "One person has threatened legal action and been uncooperative."

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No further details were provided and we don't know who will be returning to TV once the investigation is over. Punk is injured and if he remains with the company, would likely not be back until next year.