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Fans are still talking about AEW World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk calling out Hangman Page during Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite.

As previously reported, Punk’s comments about Page were a shoot as he stated Page not coming out was cowardly instead of doing "cowboy sh**.” Punk said the apology should be larger than the "disrespect” before doing a promo about Jon Moxley, setting up their championship match next week. Page wasn’t supposed to be part of the opening segment.

Fightful Select reported today that Punk and Page didn't see eye to eye on some promo material leading into their match at Double Or Nothing. It was to the point that CM Punk met with AEW higher-ups about the context of Page’s promo.

Voices of Wrestling had previously noted that they'd heard Punk told others after the meeting in May that he wouldn’t lose to Page. Several AEW sources told Fightful that they felt the situation that unfolded on Wednesday’s Dynamite was "unfair" to Page because he couldn’t do anything.

One source said, "even if he was aware of it, what would he have done? Charged to the ring past Tony (Khan)? Interrupted a promo he knew he wasn't supposed to be a part of? There was no way Hangman could have 'won' in that situation."

Page was backstage at the show. He is said not to be a confrontational person and is generally well-liked among the roster.

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The belief among wrestlers is Punk thought Hangman went into business for himself during their pre-Double Or Nothing promo, so Punk may have seen Wednesday’s promo as a "receipt."

“From Punk's end of things, the Hangman promo had alluded to Punk's issues with Colt Cabana and happened during a week where Punk wasn't at the show, while Punk's shot at Hangman happened with Hangman present.”

Sources claim that “Punk has often verbally expressed his displeasure, including recently so blatantly that they thought he might end up quitting the company.”

It was said by those close to him 'that he might have almost decided to stay home instead of coming to Wednesday’s show, but don’t think he would have quit and there’s no indication that he plans on leaving AEW, but one veteran said they have heard of "threats being levied."

Booking Punk vs. Jon Moxley next week on Dynamite was a late decision. There’s no word yet on what led to Punk's current frustrations that would have led to him considering not showing up to Dynamite.

This might explain why Punk wasn’t advertised until one hour before the show started.