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Madison Rayne on current landscape of Impact Wrestling, commentary, working alongside her husband

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Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo interviewed IMPACT Wrestling’s Madison Rayne about her new role on commentary, the women’s division, the new faces we’re seeing on IMPACT and the future of the company.

Below are some key highlights and quotes from the interview.

Madison Rayne Discusses Her Role on Commentary, Working Alongside Her Husband Josh Matthews 

It’s been a challenge, but a fun challenge. And it was something that was kinda thrown into my lap because of the pandemic and the circumstances that we’re all trying to navigate through. I did some commentary a few years ago specifically for Knockout’s matches, so I did have a little bit of experience but not nearly enough to call an entire show. I always appreciate IMPACT management for letting people try new things and kinda step out of their comfort zones. Being able to work with Josh {Matthews} has been really really awesome. Maybe I am a bit biased but I think he’s one of the best, so being able to learn from him and grow each week with him has been a lot of fun…. With commentary stuff I follow his lead because he’s been doing this literally half of his life and it would be like if he stepped into the ring and we were gonna do a mixed-tag match, I would expect him to follow my lead because that’s my area of expertise. He’s very patient with me…but it’s been pretty seamless, the transition from wrestler to commentary. I put a lot of pressure on myself, because this is such a unique space for a female, to be able to call a live broadcast of a wrestling show or any sporting event for that matter. So to be part of such a small group of women who are given this opportunity I obviously want to do it really well. And I also know that no matter how we try to separate our personal life on camera, I am going to be a direct reflection of Josh because I am his wife. If I do good, then that means that he’s done a good job teaching me.  So for all of those reasons I put a lot of pressure on myself. But that’s the biggest thing, he doesn’t put any pressure on me, this is fun for him.

Madison Rayne On The Current Landscape of IMPACT Wrestling

We spent several weeks leading up to Slammiversary, promising changes, promising that we were going to change the game and that the landscape of IMPACT Wrestling was going to totally change from Slammiversary and on. And I feel we delivered exactly what we promised, it wasn’t a case of over promise, or over deliver. I think we did exactly what we said we were going to do. We knew leading up to Slammiversary, that it was gonna be big, that it was going to feel good and that what was happening was going to be the spin on IMPACT Wrestling that we all craved and that we all knew was coming. It’s no secret that IMPACT Wrestling has gone through a lot, it’s gone through changes, gone through highs and lows and right now speaking as somebody who was in the locker room when IMPACT was on Spike TV  and what people would consider a high point, it feels just like that in this locker room right now. It’s a really good vibe, a good fun environment, and bringing in all these new faces and returning faces keep everyone from feeling too complacent and too comfortable and I think that’s what produces really good TV.

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