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Dark Side of the Ring broadcast schedule for second half of season 3



Part two of the third season of Dark Side of the Ring will start on September 16th with the Plane Ride From Hell episode on Vice TV.

This season features interviews with Brian Cage, Luke Hawx, Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley and more. The season finale will be the Steroid Trials, which features an interview with longtime WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt.

Here is the broadcast schedule:

9/16/21 - The Plane Ride From Hell
A private 757 flight descended into a nightmare as intoxicated wrestlers clashed with their flight crew, erupting into one of wrestling’s most infamous scandals.

9/23/21 - The Double Life of Chris Kanyon
In a culture that celebrates machismo and negative gay stereotypes, wrestling innovator Chris Kanyon kept his own sexuality a closely guarded secret for decades.

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9/30/21 - Blood & Wire: Onita's FMW
After Japan’s Atsushi Onita created FMW and its spectacular matches featuring explosions and gratuitous gore, his handpicked successor took his own life while drowning in debt.

10/7/21 - Bikers, Bombs & Bedlam Johnny K9
Johnny K9 led a double life as an in-ring brute and the leader of a biker gang implicated in drug trafficking, the bombing of a police station, and a gruesome double murder.

10/14/21 - The Many Faces of Luna Vachon
A striking villain in the ring, Luna Vachon was a groundbreaking physical performer who battled mental illness and addiction while seeking to champion women's wrestling.

10/21/21 - Extreme & Obscene: Rob Black's XPW
XPW merged Rob Black's passions for hardcore porn and deathmatch wrestling, but after he waged a war with federal authorities his empire imploded.

10/28/21 - The Steroid Trials
In the mid 90s, wrestling was rocked by accusations of rampant steroid abuse. With star witness Hulk Hogan, prosecutors set out to prove that Vince McMahon was the one responsible.

You can watch the entire trailer by clicking on the player below: