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Early word on the location for the 10,000 seat “All In” show

The 9/1 “All In” 10,000 seat show planned by The Elite will likely go down as one of the biggest non-WWE shows in years in the United States. We are several months away but there is already buzz for the show and no matches have been announced.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported this week that the working idea (it’s kind of the plan but could change) is to announce the location on March 1st or sometime close to that date. Meltzer noted that everyone in wrestling is thinking that Chicago will be the city. If that is the case then the most logical buildings to run would be the All-State Arena or the Sears Center.

Chicago is a great location because it’s a great wrestling town and Pro Wrestling Tees is located there which would make it easier to get and sell merchandise. There’s also been talk of a convention taking place that weekend. If they announce Chicago then that will start the CM Punk rumors. Punk hasn’t indicated that he is interested in wrestling again but it’s worth noting that he does keep in contact with Matt Jackson.

Last November, Matt Jackson said the following about Punk during an interview with Rolling Stone: “He’s told me that, he says when or if or ever he does decide to possibly get back into it, I’ll be the first guy he calls. It’ll be interesting. Whether or not he plays on our team or an opposing team, it’d be fun.” If you are wondering about Daniel Bryan, his WWE contract expires in late September so he would not be available for the “All In” show.

The Cow Palace in San Francisco was ruled out because while the rent for the building is low, the costs of live streaming would be high. So I guess that means that there are plans to stream the show online.

As you can see below, they’ve been having fun on Twitter by teasing different possible locations.

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