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WWE legends had to dress in the dark for Raw 25

Raw 25 included many great moments including the return of many faces from WWE’s past. Terri Runnels was among the women who graced the stage during the big 25th Anniversary of Raw and waved to the crowd. Everyone had a great time, but Runnels recently revealed that they might not have been in the best environment backstage.

The woman formally known as Marlena opened up on her podcast Cigars, Scars, and Superstars about Raw 25 and how the legends had to apparently dress in a dark basketball court because the APA was filming those poker game vignettes right next to them.  But nobody got upset about it because they were all having such a great time being back among their old coworkers.

“Nobody was pissed off. It was a ball of fun in our dressing room, but I had to tell you, that was another interesting thing,” Runnels said. “We were put in a basketball court; we were blocked off with black curtains, and there was another area where male legends were blocked off as well.”

“Next to that, they were filming all day the APA vignettes so because of that the overhead lights couldn’t be on. We were trying to be ready in almost pitch black dark. They brought one little light and shined it over but it was still dark over there. We kept asking if we can please get lights and how much longer the vignettes were done and they’re like, ‘if we don’t get them done we have to get them done live so we may not be able to put the lights on at all.’ I couldn’t see to get in my suitcase; I couldn’t find stuff, it was dark. We did not have a mirror. I asked for a folding mirror; they actually gave me that, but there was no running water to wash our hands close by. That was very interesting.”

Not only is it disappointing to know the women couldn’t even see while they were getting ready but also the APA’s poker game sometimes isn’t actually going on during the show. It’s kind of awesome to picture Bradshaw and Farooq just playing cards backstage all night but apparently, those scenes were already in the can before the show started.

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Quotes in this article thanks to Cigars, Scars, and Superstars and Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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