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Fans upset when Michael Elgin makes surprise appearance at AAW show, promoter issues an apology

Things got awkward at the AAW show in Chicago on Saturday night when Michael Elgin was brought in for an appearance. Elgin was not advertised to be there and it did not go over well with fans that did not want to see him because of the way Elgin has handled the sexual assault claims against Sean Orleans. Click here to read more on the Elgin-Orleans-Moses Malone story.

Here is the clip of the fan reaction from Saturday night and scroll down for the apology from AAW.

AAW co-promoter issued the following statement on Twitter:

“To those that were upset that Michael Elgin was on the show. I apologize. My goal from day one was to put on the best shows possible and that was my sole intention. Obviously l let people down. Elgin made this whole weekend w/ Naito possible for 3 groups so I wanted to be loyal.

Elgin is a friend of mine & I know his family has been going through a difficult time. So I wanted to help him out as he’s done numerous times for us. It was a poor decision by my part. Again this was strictly my call as I thought the fans would like the outcome, I was wrong.

This wasn’t a who’s right and who’s wrong decision on his personal issues. That’s his business. I just wanted to put the best product out there as my main concern is the fans. We put out 9 matches with the best talent from around the world, and it didn’t work.

Just read other Chicago groups putting out there that fans should support them because they are good people. I didn’t know me and my partner mike were bad human beings now.

Want to make it clear that it was my choice to put Elgin on the show. He didn’t force me, I just wanted to give the fans as many great matches as I possibly could. Naito-Elgin tore it up on friday so I made the decision in the morning. He was going to be there regardless.

That being said. @AAWPro will not have Michael Elgin on the shows. This company was built on listening to our audience. Again I apologize to all that were offended. My intention has always been to give extra on every show as a thank you for the fans spending their money on us.

It’s not the first mistake I’ve made doing this gig, as it’s challenging. Again if you choose to not support us, I fully understand and want to thank you for helping us grow throughout the years. We don’t take paydays, we do this for the fans. So again I apologize for my mistake.”

There’s more heat on Elgin over the story he told on this video:

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