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Notes from last month's GFW tapings, Chael Sonnen's challenge to Phil Baroni

The Wrestling Observer newsletter has some notes from the Global Force Wrestling show in Las Vegas from July 24th. That was the big GFW Amped TV taping. The show was said to be enjoyable whether you were or weren't a wrestling fan and there was a large UFC contingent at the show that weren't as big fans but still enjoyed the show.

Also, Chael Sonnen and Jeff Jarrett were said to be the to names that came off as the biggest stars more than anyone else. Sonnen did an in-ring heel promo and the people treated him like a superstar. At one point he "accidentally" stepped on Virgil Flynn and his body language translated great for pro wrestling. Sonnen was described as coming off like a star as big or bigger than anyone in WWE, with the exception of The Rock. He did a lot of impromptu stuff, including challenging Phil Baroni. Jeff Jarrett was said to be raving about it.

Also, heel manager Henry Maxwell (doing a Jim Cornette-type of gimmick) got rave reviews for his work. KUSHIDA was said to be the best in-ring performer and the lighting and set up came off completely professional. It was said to be many steps up from ROH or TNA.

Here is the Chael Sonnen segment from the GFW Amped tapings:

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