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Ric Flair on why he hated WCW and didn’t get along with Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair has never been one to hold back how he felt, especially when he wasn’t happy about something.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer recently spoke to The Mirror where he went into some detail about one of the lowest points in his professional career during his time in WCW.

“I hated WCW. I’ve said it on record. Not the guys, but the way it was run. It was ridiculous. Literally, my prediction, I said they will kill themselves. And they did. You can’t go out on Nitro and say openly to Vince, ‘we’re putting you out of business’. He’s forgiven a lot of people.”

The Nature Boy then discussed Eric Bischoff and how they didn’t get along. Flair had a problem with burying WWE on WCW television and talked about how he refused to do it while with the company.

“Yeah. They wanted me to go out there and say that. I said ‘sh-t no’ I’m not going to go out and say that. ‘I’m not doing it’. It’s one of the reasons me and [Eric] Bischoff didn’t get along. They wanted me to go out and put WWE down like Hulk [Hogan], Scott Hall and [Kevin] Nash and those guys were. Not a chance.”

Flair and Bischoff have obviously made up in the years since WCW. But there was certainly a time in their professional careers when the two didn’t see eye to eye at all.

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