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Two Japanese pro wrestlers involved in stabbing incident


It's been years since Bruiser Brody was murdered in a Puerto Ricanlocker room. But even though it's been a long time since 1988, his influence on the industry is still observable and his character is sorely missed. Stabbings are never a good thing and they should be avoided at all costs.

Dave Meltzer reported in a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that there was indeed another recent stabbing incident in Japan. This scary situation was defused and hopefully, everyone will be okay. But what's not okay is stabbing people. You really shouldn't do that for any reason in society.

"Well it wasn't a stabbing, it was an almost stabbing" Meltzer clarified. "So a wrestler named Tsukushi, she's a women's wrestler with Ice Ribbon she was at a place with Kagetsu who's a women's wrestler who works for a couple groups including Stardom. And Tsukushi tried to stab -- you know we're talking about -- she tried to stab Kagetsu. This was earlier today actually, last night and the police came and Tsukushi was arrested. I don't wanna say no one knows about it. But it's not like it's out in Japan. It will be now. But that's what happened."

Meltzer gave a little bit more depth into the subject to help paint a better picture of the entire situation.

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"So Tsukushi was one of the more popular young women wrestlers in Japan and if this gets out. I mean, you have to understand the Japanese culture" Meltzer continued. He talked about how this kind of thing could be devastating to the young female Japanese talent.

Stabbing is not a good thing, even if it's just an attempted one. We want to make that very clear. It transcends cultural boundaries with its badness, and one young Japanese wrestler might be learning a hard lesson that you should never stab people. It's just not nice because it hurts peoples' feelings and their bodies. It will also get you arrested which is never a good time.

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