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2K Sports & WWE attempting to dismiss Randy Orton's tattoo artist lawsuit



WWE and 2K Sports are attempting to dismiss the lawsuit of Randy Orton's longtime tattoo artist, Catherine Alexander.

Alexander, who has been Orton's tattoo artist since 2003, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court of Southern District of Illinois against WWE and 2K Sports back in April. The reason for the lawsuit comes due to Alexander accusing the two companies of copyright infringement in regards to the tattoo designs used on Orton in WWE 2K18 the video game.

She was asking for a trial by jury and is seeking damages for copyright infringement off the designs she claims to own. PWInsider reports that WWE and 2K Sports are working to have this lawsuit dismissed. Apparently Alexander has not obtained copyright registration for any of the tattoo designs she alleges to own.

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Not to mention there looks like there can be some jurisdiction issues. WWE and 2K Sports provided a 22-page memorandum stating that Alexander failed to prove the court had jurisdiction over WWE in Illinois. WWE is incorporated out of Delaware and headquartered in Connecticut, however, the lawsuit was filed in Illinois.