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AJ Styles tells who's idea it was for him to win the US Title at MSG House Show



AJ Styles and Kevin Owens are two people who seem to love working together. It shows in their matches, even if the finish is changed in the middle of it. But one of the highlights of their feud has to be when The Phenomenal One toppled The Prize Fighter to capture the US Title in Madison Square Garden at a WWE house show.

Styles recently appeared on an episode of E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness where the surprising title switch was brought up. AJ explained who's call it ultimately was to make the change in the World's Most Famous Arena.

“It was really cool, but it was smart to not do that every year, but every couple of years to do something like that. I think it just came down to doing something different and it was Vince’s call and no one else’s. And yeah, it was great.”

AJ was later asked who he would like to wrestle down the line. The Phenomenal One had a very interesting answer as Styles responded by saying he would like to have a very crushing opponent down the line.

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“I have yet to wrestle Rusev and I think that would be really fun, to wrestle a guy like him. But there are guys on the RAW side that I haven’t really been in the ring with like Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor. I think people want to see. I’ve never worked Shinsuke Nakamura on US soil, so that could be a big deal as well.”

If you think about it, AJ Styles could wrestle against a bag of dog food and have a great match. But Rusev is certainly an interesting proposition. The Bulgarian Brute and AJ Styles could be able to put together a great series of matches. We would certainly like to see that happen.

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