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Alberto El Patron stepping down from Combate Americas amidst recent controversy



It's not been a very good couple of months for Alberto El Patron. There have been some good parts though. But in the end youtake the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have: the facts of life. The current fact is Alberto's life is a roller coaster to say the least.

Now The Fight Network reports Alberto will be stepping down from his figurehead role as the president of Combate Americas.

Combate Americas C.E.O. Campbell McLaren said "he’s probably stepping back his official roles from Combate and he’s going to focus on more on wrestling for the next year or two.” McLaren later added, "it’s a very challenging enterprise and I think it’s very, very hard on the body and difficult to do. Very physical, very athletic, so I he’s kind of asked me if he can step away and with Saraya, focus on wrestling."

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This is just the latest development in the ongoing situation surrounding Alberto and Paige. It has also come to light that Paige could be fired from WWE due to the possibility of battery charges stemming from that awful occurrence in an Orlando airport.

We're really pulling for nothing but a positive outcome in this situation and hopefully Alberto will be able to refocus his energies and get some things straightened out.

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