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Baron Corbin comments on fan reaction after botching his finisher on SmackDown Live

Baron Corbin is a heel and loving his time as a bad guy on WWE television. As it turns out, he feeds off the negative energy from fans which is why he’s so good at drawing heat.

The Lone Wolf faced off against Tye Dillinger on SmackDown Live this week and the match went just about as it was expected except for one glaring issue when he came to how Corbin closed out the contest. When trying to apply his End Of Days finisher, Baron couldn’t quite pull it off. Instead, he tossed The Perfect 10 to the floor quickly and they had to reset.

Baron eventually hit the End Of Days and won the match, but fans certainly noticed the mistake.

It seems Corbin might not have taken this match as seriously which could have come back to bite him a little bit. But in the end, he answered back to any negative comments about his work to let fans know that he’s not worried about it. Apparently, when he got backstage it was back to wearing expensive watches, drinking whiskey, and smoking cigars like always.

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