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Becky Lynch mocks Charlotte Flair for photoshopping her pictures



An interesting exchange between former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champions Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on Twitter led to an interesting accusation by Lynch towards Flair.

Lynch claimed that Flair photoshopped her head onto Britney Spears' body in a recent photo. There is some history between these two stars on television as they were once best friends only to have Lynch turn heel by attacking Flair last year. Since then, they have had several matches.

It all started once Flair posted this photo with the following caption, “Silver spoon? Yup. Legacy? You’re damn right. I had a head start. I’ve also ran with the weight of this legacy on my back. Figure out how to make yourselves better, as opposed to talking about how I got here. I’m not slowing down.”

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Lynch responded by mocking Flair when she wrote, “My god, she’s moved on to stealing other people’s bodies now.”

Flair had the final word when she wrote, “I love it... that’s why I posted it thank you.”