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Big update on the return of the XFL (updated)

It looks like all of the rumors surrounding the return of the XFL are true and people in WWE are doing things behind the scenes in anticipation of the marketing blitz that will lead up to opening day.

PWInsider reports that the WWE production team has been working on videos that will eventually air and will hype the return of the league. For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that the XFL website is no longer redirecting to Now, it’s just a blank page so that could be an indication that the site is about to re-launch.

It’s kind of odd that the WWE production team is working on XFL videos since the idea behind Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment was to separate the league from WWE so that there would be no impact on the WWE stock. Many people have pointed out over the years that Vince McMahon was working on both the XFL and WWE in 2000 and 2001 and some point to that being what hurt the WWE product in the latter months of 2001 because McMahon was not giving 100% attention to the wrestling side. This time, by setting up Alpha Entertainment separate from WWE, it would help alleviate the concerns from stockholders. Perhaps, the idea is for the WWE production team to work on videos until they are able to hire a separate crew dedicated to the XFL.

The plan for the re-launch of the league is 2020. It looks like they’ve learned lessons from the rushed launch in 2001. 2 years will allow them time to get the infrastructure in place, including the hiring of coaches and players.

During the end of the ESPN “30 For 30” documentary on the XFL, McMahon and Dick Ebersol teased relaunching the league again and McMahon said that he’s had talks with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. It looks like McMahon was serious because the league will be up and running in 2 years.

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