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Booker T wonders if Dolph Ziggler wasted years trying to steal the show instead of trying to be like Roman Reigns



This week on "The Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on some of the news from the last few days, including what happened at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules and the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag that was trending on Friday night after Naomi was booked to lose to Lacey Evans.

Booker T’s thoughts on Dolph Ziggler: “Dolph Ziggler has spent a lot of time going out there and just wanting to be the guy to steal the show. That right there doesn't equate to championships a lot of times. Shawn Michaels has been called Mr. WrestleMania for many years, but go back and look at Shawn Michaels’ record at WrestleMania. He lost more than he won at WrestleMania. He stole the show a lot of times but he didn’t win a lot of those matches. Shawn Michaels, unlike Randy Orton 14-time world champion, we don’t talk about Shawn Michaels’ world championships. We talk about Shawn Michaels stealing the show. You have to wonder if Dolph Ziggler wasted a decade-plus being the guy wanting to go out there and steal the show opposed to wanting to be like a Roman Reigns, the guy. Dolph Ziggler was a guy that wanted to go out and perform better than anybody else as opposed to going out and being selfish. World champions, those guys are selfish. They have to be in certain frames of certain matches. Not that you are not thinking about your opponent or anything like that, but you have to know how to think about yourself and you have to know how to get yourself over above all else. I really think Dolph Ziggler, not taking away anything from him because he is a great worker, but I think Dolph Ziggler in his younger days thought about going out there and being the show stopped.”

Booker T's Extreme Rules After Show can be watched in the video below.

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