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Braun Strowman has really packed on the pounds this year

It’s hard to imagine that The Monster Among Men gets sick like a normal human being but that’s apparently what happened over Christmas. Braun Strowman says he was down to 328 pounds which is still massive but it’s nothing for a strongman like him.

Now Strowman is proud to say he’s feeling better than ever and weighs in at 374 pounds as he proudly showed off his scales in a recent Instagram post. Gaining almost 50 pounds in two months might worry some people, but when you’re Braun Strowman he takes it as a sign his insane training regiment is paying off.

He is also looking pretty ripped too for a guy who weighs 15 pounds more than an average adult gorilla. If things go his way at Elimination Chamber WWE might change their name to “Strowman In The Mist” as the Monster Among Men continues to run roughshod over anyone in his path.

I really feel sorry for The Miz if he is, in fact, Strowman’s next opponent. After all, anyone who faces Braun Strowman at WrestleMania is bound to have a bad time.

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