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Braun Strowman shows that he’s a huge babyface in real life

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Braun Strowman shows that he’s a huge babyface in real life

You might not picture Braun Strowman as someone who aware of the positive influences he can have on others, but if you thought that you’d be wrong.

The Monster Among Men recently sent out quite an excellent Instagram post featuring a photo of him standing in front of a young fan looking up at him in awe.

“I always have and always will try my best to inspire and give people a reason to look up to me. Not just because of my size but because my actions!!!! I may not be the hero you think you need but I’m the Monster you deserve!!!” Braun said in the post.

It’s pretty great to see this kind of thing from Strowman. As his career continues to soar in WWE there will be plenty of chances for him to make a positive influence on others. He’ll also have a lot of opportunities to destroy his opponents in the ring, and that’s always fun too.

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