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Championship contender for SummerSlam possibly injured on Raw (updated)



UPDATE: The injury has been confirmed. Click here for details.

ORIGINAL: With SummerSlam coming around the corner in very fast fashion this isn't the time to get injured at all, especially if you have a big match lined up for the Biggest Party Of The Summer. On last night's Raw Bayley fought Nia Jax and The Girl Who's Not Like Most Girls wasn't easy on The Hugger to say the least.

Bryan Alvarez theorized on Wrestling Observer Live when Bayley took that hard bump out of the ring she might have done more damage than some would have thought.

"In my opinion having been a worker who separated his shoulder I thought that Bayley separated her shoulder in the match last night against Nia Jax," Alvarez said. "Now the only update that I have today is that Bayley did hurt her shoulder but I don't know how bad it is."

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"I know that during the match the referee did communicate with the back and her shoulder was hurt. They asked if she could finish the match and she said that she was fine to finish the match and she did. So presumably it will be evaluated and hopefully, it's nothing serious. But as someone who's separated his shoulder, I mean I thought immediately when she got thrown outside -- Nia threw her and she landed right on her shoulder and rolled outside and started selling her shoulder from that point forward."

"If you want a lot of wrestling -- WWE I mean yeah, heels work over babyface's shoulders and that sort of thing but usually you run 'em into the post, they go for a charge and they miss and hit the buckle. I mean this was -- she got thrown outside and she sold her shoulder and then later, which looked arguably even worse to me Nia lifted her up in one of those big chicken wing looking gimmicks and she just tossed her down and Bayley's arms were behind her so she landed right on her shoulder on the mat and that point in a match that already had no heat she rolled outside and she just sat there for like thirty/forty-five seconds. The match was just dying a death at this point. So anyway, that's the story there and hopefully, she'll end up alright."

If you watched Raw last night and thought there was something off about the Bayley vs Nia Jax match other than the fact the crowd didn't seem to care, you aren't alone. This is awful timing for Bayley if she's indeed injured and might be a kill-shot for her push as she makes her way toward her match against Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Title.

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