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Chris Jericho comments on if his Raw 25 segment was wasted

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Chris Jericho comments on if his Raw 25 segment was wasted

Chris Jericho’s appearance at Raw 25 was up in the air for a minute because WWE announced his participation before a deal was even agreed on between the two sides for him to be on the show.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter months ago that Jericho was expected to appear on Raw 25. However, Dave Meltzer commented on Wrestling Observer Radio about the situation and he said a deal wasn’t reached that he knew about in the days leading up to the show. But apparently, they worked something out because Chris Jericho was there wearing a New Japan Pro Wrestling Alpha Club t-shirt where he got to have a little backstage segment with Elias.

Although it was great to see Chris Jericho appear on WWE television once again, it would have been even cooler to see him in a match or at least get to work the microphone in front of the packed Barclays Center. Some people were left feeling a bit deflated because Y2J only had a short backstage role with The Drifter.

But when one fan asked Jericho if he felt his appearance at Raw 25 was wasted, the Ayatollah Of Rock n Rolla replied saying he did what he wanted to do. After all, he got a chance to sport a sick non-WWE t-shirt on Raw 25 and sing a little song degrading Elias, so that was fun.

It is always great to see Jericho and maybe next time he’s in WWE it will be for a longer duration but for now, it looks like he’s totally fine with how Raw 25 played out.

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