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Chris Jericho on how he stayed away from drugs in pro wrestling

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Chris Jericho on how he stayed away from drugs in pro wrestling

Chris Jericho has inspired many through his career with his hard work and dedication to everything he does. He seems to continue surprising us all on a constant basis to the point where it’s not an uncommon thing for Y2J to create breaking news whenever he sees fit.

The Ayatollah Of Rock n Rolla recently sat down with Steve Austin on his podcast where he went into several topics including a hilarious story about how he and The Rattlesnake first met.

During the interview, the topic of drugs was brought up and Y2K talked about how he was able to stay away from drugs for the most part although he does enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage and has consumed psilocybin mushrooms in the past. But he was always able to stay away from the much harder drugs like cocaine and opiates.

“I was never interested.” Jericho considered, “I don’t do drugs. Why would I want to do drugs? And I just never started with any of that. I never did any of the pills even back in Calgary and Mexico, guys that I’d hang with would do all the pills. I just didn’t, I don’t know why. Still to this day, I’ve never done cocaine in my life, never. I just never had the desire to for whatever reason. No, never once. Yeah, I mean, I did ‘shrooms and that sort of scene and that sort of thing. I just liked having a drink. The guys I ran with just liked to have a drink.”

When you look at someone like Chris Jericho it’s easy to see how someone as talented as him got to where he is today. But it might not have been as easy to achieve everything he has accomplished in his career if he had the burden of a substance abuse issue hanging over his head. Thankfully, Y2J never had to worry about that issue.

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Credit for the quotes in this article goes to The Steve Austin Show and Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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