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CM Punk wants to see Big E dump Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods during singles run



CM Punk, Booker T, and Renee Young discussed Big E’s new singles run during a SummerSlam 1992 watch party on Tuesday night.

This is his first singles push in several years due to injuries suffered by fellow New Day members – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Booker T and Punk agreed that Big E needs to separate himself from the group during this time. Punk started out by talking about how being on TV for 52 weeks a year can make wrestlers stale really quick.

“I definitely think...Big E and New Day they’ve been rolling for like how long?... I agree with you that he has to dump Woods and Kofi, kick those guys to the curb. That’s what we're talking about right?”

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Booker T added that he thinks Big E needs to attack Woods and Kingston, but more importantly, destroy Woods. Young stated that she doesn’t think people want to see The New Day break up.

Punk stated, "Sometimes that’s the best thing to do, something that people don’t want to see.”

Kingston will only be out of action for a few weeks while Woods has been on the sidelines for months. Despite the new push, there have been no reports as to exactly what WWE has planned for Big E.

You can watch the entire stream by clicking on the player below: