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Daniel Bryan is apparently still a WrestleMania wildcard



Daniel Bryan hasn't been cleared to compete in a WWE ring since 2015 when they told him he would never wrestle for them again due to fear of damage to his brain. But since then he has traveled to different doctors and received hyperbaric chamber therapy treatments to make his brain better. He has even found a few doctors who have cleared him to compete. But WWE's doctor is the only person who can really clear Bryan to perform again.

It might look like Daniel Bryan's current direction on SmackDown Live could lead to a match at WrestleMania or at least to have him be a special guest referee which he has done since his retirement. But of course, fans would love to see Daniel Bryan in more of a wrestling role at the Show Of Shows.

It seems Daniel Bryan is still somewhat of a wildcard now since the current situation between Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn has escalated. As one of the candidates to be Shane's partner at WrestleMania it seems to make sense except for the fact that D-Bry's still not cleared to compete.

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It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that as of a couple week ago Daniel Bryan has still not been cleared to compete. Although things can always change, it doesn't look likely since WWE has already told him no so many times before. It was also mentioned how even if WWE did clear Daniel Bryan for some reason, they would keep the decision extremely close to the vest so they can really surprise people on television.

So it never hurts to cross your fingers for Daniel Bryan's eventual return. But whether or not he wrestles for WWE the odds of him wrestling again are still extremely high.

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