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Did AJ Styles botch the US Title match finish at Battleground after all?



Battleground was a weird show. It was not only capped off by a Punjabi Prison Match which saw the return of The Great Khali (for one night so far) but it also featured one of the screwiest finishes we've seen in a while during the US Title match.

Kevin Owens rolled AJ Styles up for a pin after a ref bump and the dazed referee counted to three. KO won the US Title once again but many people were left wondering what was really going on. The ref seemed to hesitated before throwing his hand down a third time leaving some to wonder if it was planned.

We reported Vince McMahon changed the match finish in the middle of the contest. But new reports seem to conflict this previous story. While some are sticking to the notion Vince changed his mind, others are placing the blame on The Phenomenal One.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter says they are receiving different reports from people who are usually in the know about these things. Some say Vince changed the match so it would make more sense for Chris Jericho to return on the next SmackDown Live (for one night so far) and try to take KO's title instead of AJ's. Still others are saying Styles was supposed to kick out of the roll-up pin but he just didn't.

The feeling backstage at the time when it happened was they saw a botched finish and AJ Styles was said to be very unhappy about the way it all went down. This controversy has to be why the current program with KO and AJ is centered around Kevin getting his shoulder up but the ref counting anyway. Therefore Daniel Bryan decided he was going to appoint a referee who knew what he was doing (and could take a bump) in Shane McMahon.

So Kevin Owens and AJ Styles will get another shot at SummerSlam, let's hope they have a better result since they have a new referee in the mix.

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