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Did Finn Balor really call The Hardy Boyz “Broken Matt” and “Brother Nero?”

The Hardy Boyz are fascinating individuals. Matt and Jeff Hardy are the Brothers who traveled through time and space to become people we just can’t take our eyes off of. Even though they were missing from WWE’s recent Canadian excursion they had a very good reason for their absence.

In the meantime, Matt Hardy has continued to throw after one allusion to an “Awakening” after another until we’re just wondering when something will happen already.

It could have been a simple social media faux pas, or Finn actually meant to call Matt and Jeff something they legally couldn’t be called on WWE television (just yet anyway). Negotiations between Anthem Sports and The Hardys about the “Broken Universe” gimmick’s ownership don’t seem to be working so now GFW can “break” someone else later and see how bad it turns out I guess. It really makes you wonder why (other than spite) the two sides couldn’t work something out.

Finn Balor and The Hardy Boyz were in a six-man tag match against Elias and The Club to kick off the show in Augusta. These guys look great in the ring together and their alliance might be beneficial to all parties involved. The Hardys seemed to be just as Woken as ever and Balor still pulls off that Fonzie look well.

The Demon called himself “Fatal” Finn Balor (try getting that one approved to say on television). Finn and Matt Hardy had a little back-and-forth on Twitter where Balor referred to the pair as Broken Matt and Brother Nero. That’s just neat and it totally happened. Let’s try getting that one approved on television too.

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