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Enzo Amore and Big Cass' friendship collapses into seemingly legit heat



Maybe it's possible to be a little bit too controversial in an interview and if Enzo Amore was looking for that line he might have crossed it in a recent Straight To The Source episode. The Realest Guy In The Room really unloaded on his old buddy Big Cass in a way that was direct and precise while he said he wouldn't "pinch off a constipation ball" for his old buddy. I just have to wonder how much of this was real and how much Enzo was playing his character. But if you've heard much about Enzo Amore, he seems to always be in character, so there you go.

According to Enzo, he and Big Cass don't talk anymore and apparently, all of those tweets about Big Cass' injury were a shoot. Enzo started talking about televised storylines like they happened in real life like showing up in Rusev's hotel room and getting manhandled or being forced to take sensitivity training because of some naked escapades in the hallway, although the bruises from The Bulgarian Brute's attack certainly seemed legit.

He also commented about Big Cass throwing Enzo Amore down the ramp and out of the ring like it was something Big Cass decided to do all on his own. It had a very shoot feel, but for all we know, it could have all been a work and the first thing Enzo did when the interview finished was text Big Cass and say, "just wait until you see Corey Graves' new show."

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But the big point is that Enzo Amore and Big Cass seem to no longer be friends at this point according to the Smack Talker Skywalker. Enzo Amore chastised Big Cass for being injured and not being able to finish a match...although Enzo could be injured himself right now. So when Big Cass speaks about karma it might be very appropriate. Then again, Enzo Amore's current injury could be a work too because the ringside doctors certainly seemed more interested in cleaning up Enzo's bloody eyebrow on Raw this week rather than take a look at the ankle he was selling.

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