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Enzo Amore “digs himself deeper in a hole every single week”

If you had a coworker who hung out with celebrities during the time you didn’t see him and when he was around all he could do is talk about how awesome his life is and how much money he’s spending it might get pretty old. Apparently, that’s what is going on with Enzo Amore. But this is nothing new.

Even though it might have been a topic of discussion for a while there is still a backstage issue with Enzo. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live how Enzo couldn’t stop talking about the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight when he got backstage and that didn’t stop on Raw.

But even though he might have a ton of backstage heat he’s still pretty popular with fans, granted it’s nothing close to the reception he used to receive.

“[Enzo’s] still more of a star than almost anyone on the show when he came out” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Live. Bryan Alvarez pointed out how Enzo tried to get cheers for mentioning the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight. “That was just stupid though” Meltzer continued. “You gotta realize this is a crowd that’s gonna like Conor McGregor more than Floyd Mayweather and it’s very topical, it’s very new. And you go in there and talk about that it’s guaranteed it’s gonna get booed.”

“I knew Enzo was gonna bring [McGregor vs Mayweather] up and… whatever. Enzo’s a phenomenal, phenomenal promo and he’s got great charisma and his common sense is just — you know ever week he like digs himself deeper in a hole every single week. It’s just amazing how he does it.”

Meltzer later commented how WWE might have broken Enzo and Big Cass up because they didn’t want Cass to be lumped in with Enzo any longer. Perhaps the heat is just a thrilling part of Enzo’s life and he thrives on it, or maybe he just doesn’t realize what he’s doing. Either way the Enzo train keeps chugging along and it’s headed for 205 Live.

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