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Finn Balor reacts to The Miz mispronouncing his name on Raw this week



Finn Balor has a huge match coming up at WrestleMania 34 against Seth Rollins and The Miz where he plans to walk away with the A-Lister's IC Title.

While running down his opponents on Raw this week, The Miz mentioned Rollins and Balor's previous names in the indie circuit. He called Rollins "Tyler Black" and referred to Balor as "Prince Nevitt." Obviously, The Miz meant to say "Prince Devitt" because that was Balor's name, or did he?

Either way, Finn Balor obviously noticed the mispronunciation of his former name and he had something to say about it. He brought up the fact that it was ironic The Miz made this flub in the middle of a promo about respect.

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This will certainly add more fuel to the already raging WrestleMania fires.

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