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Former WWE Divas Champion spotted in Philadelphia ahead of tonight's Royal Rumble

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With the Royal Rumble's excitement electrifying Philly and the rest of the WWE Universe, a lot of people are speculating just who we will see at the big show.

It looks like one former Divas' Champion has been sighted in Philly before the big show as Squared Circle Sirens confirms Kelly Kelly is in town.

The WAGS star was at the big Raw 25 show where she came out to wave hello to the live crowd, so it's unknown at this time if she'll be in the Women's Royal Rumble match or she's just in Philly to say hello. But it is certainly an interesting development.

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Dave Meltzer recently said on Wrestling Observer Radio that while a bunch of NXT stars were expected to appear in the Women's Royal Rumble, a few surprises could be showing up as well. If Kelly Kelly is indeed one of those non-NXT people showing up for the Rumble it would be a very nice surprise.

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