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Former WWE star accepts invitation to join Robert Stone's Brand in NXT



WWE NXT manager Robert Stone is looking to add to his brand and a former WWE star is interested in joining.

On Sunday, Stone asked fans who they thought would be a good fit for his brand.

In response to a fan suggesting Melina, Stone agreed and said that she would be a good fit. Following that tweet, fans called on him to make it happen and Melina expressed interest.

Melina tweeted:

A name that needs no introduction or help build my friend.

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But... Being an entity like no other, I can take any venture & make magic with it.

So if you want to turn
Call Me.

I accept no less than success.
Rightwards arrow #HustleAndHeart Leftwards arrow"

Stone said Aliyah would have to approve and just minutes later, she did.

Melina hasn't been an active wrestler in WWE since 2011. The last time she appeared on a WWE show was last year during the Raw Reunion special that featured several WWE legends.

Check out the tweet exchange below between Stone, Melina and Aliyah.