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Former WWE star The Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) was arrested on Friday 8/26 in Orange County, Florida.

There aren't many details available but county records say that he was charged on an out-of-county warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia. We'll pass along more details when we find out more.

Clark recently returned to social media and hinted that he was going to make an effort to get back in WWE. He recently added the #BringBackVelveteenDream hashtag to his Instagram account along with black and white photos with the following caption:

"Eye No There Is A Heaven

Eye No There Is A Hell

Listen 2 Me People 👁’ve Got

A Story 2 Tell"

In 2020, Clark was accused of having inappropriate contact with a minor. In May of 2021, Clark said that the allegations derailed his career. You can read this statement at this link.

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It was later reported that there were other reasons why he was released. Bryan Alvarez said the following on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live last year: "Forget all of the accusations [because] I don't know what happened. I believe that WWE believes that he was innocent because otherwise, I believe they would have gotten rid of that guy very quickly. I don't know what happened, I know nothing. All I know is about everything that everybody else knew about related to The Velveteen Dream."

Alvarez continued, "The thing that I heard over and over again beside the fact that he kept disappearing that there were car accidents and that's never good and I don't really know what happened there but it was a regular occurrence. The thing that I heard about Velveteen was that he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and it had nothing to do with accusations. What I heard over and over was that this guy, when he talks about his Velveteen Dream character and he talks about blending it with his real-life...I heard about the Velveteen Dream in the same way [as Shawn Michaels becoming the HBK character in real life]."