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GFW hits a few snags trying to file trademarks on Broken Universe

Matt and Jeff Hardy might be doing just fine as The Hardy Boyz in WWE. They're still very popular and crowds seem to love them. But the fight still continues in securing their Broken Gimmick that the brothers developed while under the employment of TNA/Impact Wrestling/GFW.

In an attempt to get ahead of the game, Global Force Wrestling applied for several trademarks to keep the Hardys even farther away from their treasured Broken Universe. However, GFW was rejected four times in attempts to apply for trademarks on aspects of the Broken Universe.

The fact is Matt Hardy applied for a trademark on "Broken Matt" first so in order for GFW to secure this copyright claim they would need to establish that these two trademarks would not conflict with each other. Seeing that the two sides are applying for trademarks for the same reason might pose a problem.

Jeff Hardy's real middle name is Nero. You might know this fact and it is also a reason why GFW's application for the Brother Nero trademark was rejected. They would need to identify whether Brother Nero is living or dead and if he is alive (which Jeff is) then they would need his permission in order to secure the trademark. Something tells us it's not likely Jeff will let GFW have that one.

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Their application for a trademark on the term Broken Brilliance was also rejected. In order to get this trademark, GFW would have to determine whether or not this is a pro wrestling related term or a "term of art."

Finally, GFW's attempt in securing a trademark for Vanguard 1 was also rejected because the Hardy's beloved drone shares a name with the fourth artificial Earth orbital satellite which was launched back in March 1958. This confusion with a non-wrestling related trademark meant the rejection of the Vanguard 1 trademark.

As time goes by, this story will surely see more developments. But time might be on GFW's side because the longer they wait could mean the less momentum a Broken Universe debut in WWE means.

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