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GFW promoting old footage of Bobby Roode on "One Night Only" specials

Bobby Roode to appear at Global Force Wrestling’s first TV taping

Bobby Roode left Impact Wrestling to venture into NXT and become the Glorious One. If you've ever seen him doing his gimmick live it's absolutely perfect and he's never been used better in his career. But before he left Impact Wrestling, Roode participated in a set of tapings for the first incarnation of GFW. These television tapings were reportedly intended to try and help gain interest for a Global Force Wrestling TV show, but that never really panned out.

It wasn't until years later when Bobby Roode was in NXT as their champion and Impact Wrestling morphed into GFW that this footage would really see the light of day. But apparently, Bobby Roode's days in GFW aren't over just yet to a certain degree.

Dave Meltzer reported in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter that in an effort to save money, GFW is going to use footage of Bobby Roode, Chael Sonnen, and others for "One Night Only" PPV's in the United States and specials in India and the UK. They're allowed to do this because it's their footage, but they're also kind of passing these off as current events. At least, that is the feeling among many people that have posted comments on YouTube.

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It was noted that promoters from the past like Bill Watts have done the same thing when a worker left their company and they still had footage of them. So it's not a new idea in the world of professional wrestling, but it still could be interpreted as a tad deceitful. Roode was shown in marketing for the show with the premise of "what is Bobby Roode doing in GFW?"

GFW only did a handful of shows in Las Vegas so they can't keep this keep up forever. Response on social media for the promotional videos hasn't been very good and some people are accusing GFW of using "clickbait" tactics in this promotional campaign. So for the time being if you're in India or the UK and see Bobby Roode pop up on GFW television, please take it with a big grain of salt.

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