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How Chris Jericho talked Vince McMahon into the Rey Mysterio mask angle



There haven't been many people to light up the pro wrestling world like Chris Jericho. If his performance in the ring didn't do it, then his expensive light-up entrance jackets and scarves certainly did.

Chris Jericho recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio where he spoke about one of his more legendary angles with Rey Mysterio. During the intense feu, Y2J fought hard to steal Rey Mysterio's treasured mask. But as it turns out this story almost never saw the light of day because Vince McMahon didn't understand why people would care about a mask angle.

"I'd explain it to him why the mask means something to Lucha Libre history and his family lineage and everything and all of that but [Vince] just didn't see what the big deal was," Jericho said. "And the way I pitched it to him was: 'here's why it's a big deal. Because I'm a bully and for the first time in my career I'm bigger than somebody and I'm a bully that's gonna walk into the class and steal the kid's milk money and then I'm gonna take that milk money and throw it in the garbage. I don't care about the milk money, I just don't want him to have it. So I'm gonna take it from him cause that's what bullies do."

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It's a good thing Chris Jericho understood how Vince McMahon's mind works or else we might not have this amazing angle as part of WWE history.

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Quotes in this article thanks to Wrestling Observer Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription