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Hulk Hogan was in negotiations to join Bullet Club

Hulk Hogan was not kidding a few months ago when he talked about wanting to be part of Bullet Club. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Hogan was in negotiations to join the group a few months ago.

Hogan and CM Punk were the only two outside guys that they would consider putting in the group. Hogan probably realized that it would help him to be associated with them since they sell so much merchandise and they are the hottest act outside of WWE. More importantly for Hogan, talks with them could get WWE’s attention.

Negotiations fell through because there was a feeling that Hogan wanted too much money and if he got a call to return to WWE then he would ditch Bullet Club for Vince McMahon. There was also a feeling that Hogan was just negotiating as a way to get McMahon to bring him back. That’s something that Hogan has been known for. Hogan was a big part of the XWF launch in 2001 and then he bailed on them when Vince McMahon called him to return.

Hogan did an angle in Japan with Jeff Jarrett in 2003 for TNA and then bailed on them because he got the call to return for WrestleMania. Meltzer noted that Hogan did the same thing years later to a Jimmy Hart group that was interested in starting a wrestling company.

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